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Super napier Super napier Super napier

Super napier

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Product Overview


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We are Introducing a new green fodder (super Napier grass) to Indian goat and dairy farmers.

A good beginning and more effective Green Fodder Compared to Co4, Co5 Napiers.



* Cost less

* The amount of milk increases(20% to 40%)

* Protein level up to 16 % to 18%. 200 tons yield in per Acre and year.

* More Sweeten and digestion.

* Easy cost of maintenance to per acre, and 15 cattle or 30 Goats.

* Highly suitable for silage because Pakchong1 Super Napier has WSC 18 (water-soluble carbohydrate), so no need to add any additives while making silage.

* Aside from being a high yielder, the Super Napier is claimed to contain 16-18 per cent crude protein, which is considered very high. This is very important, especially for dairy animals that have to be nourished adequately in order to produce more milk.

* Complete agriculture guidance will be provided in your mother tongue.

* Collect your nearby city. 

 Pls choose yr nearby place 



Contact : 7639444670 / 9488932336 (English),

9004683239 (Hindi).


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