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Welcome To Super Napier

Introducing a spectacular hybrid Super Napier plant that has unique characteristics to adopt as animal feedstock by the livestock owners. It is fast spreading around the world among farm communities due to its impressive fast growth, high yield and excellent nutritional advantages. This plant developed by the Thailand nutritionist Dr. KrailasKiyothong. He made this hybrid plant by crossing ordinary Napier grass with pearl millet named pakchong1 where it is developed.

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Why choose us?

Though, there is similar kind developed in India but has low yield (100 tons per acre) and nutrition (8-10 % protein) compared to the Thailand made. Thus, it is the best choice to get more benefits in terms of cost, space, yield and nutrition.

What is Special?

  • Fast Growth: It has fastest growth of 10 feet in 59 days
  • High Yield: 25 tons per acre and 8 harvests per year. In other words 200 tons per acre, which can feed to 20 dairy cows, 30 - 35 goats for 12 months.
  • Best Nutrition: Presence of 16-18 % of protein that is very important for animal's particularly for dairy cows to produce more milk.
  • All Weather Friendly Growth: Dr. KrailasKiyothong says that it is drought resistant and can grow any kind of location irrespective of wet or dry season. The only need is the soil rich in organic matter that make it perfectly suitable for Indian subcontinent.
  • Easy Storage: This has water-soluble carbonate 18, which means no need to add additives to store this plant(silage).
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