How to plant super napier

Super Napier, a fodder plant from Thailand, well known for it’s exceptional properties of
1. Very high yield 500 tons of biomass/ year in one hectareland
2. Very high protein content of 17 to 18 percent
3. First grass cutcan be made 90 days from plating and after first harvest subsequent cut every 45 to 60 days to the level of ground.

Time for planting and the seed is ready

As the mansoon is approaching, it is the right time to plant Pakchong 1 alias Super Napier. The seed is ready for the interested persons. Please contact the number given in our website for details and orders.

super napier stem

Number of Seeds required for one acre : 10, 000 to 12,000 seed stems.

Age or Life time: 8 Years.
resistance power:
• Immune against Insects.
• It has a tendency to grow in all type of climates.
• Can use all types of water to cultivate.
• It can even grow in salt water.

Soil type: Can be cultivated in all types of soil.

Season : Suitable to plant throughout the year.

Preparation of Land

1. Plowing the land deep enough for the plant roots to penetration deep into the ground that makes the plant drought resistant.
2. Break the big chunks using rotavatorand make furrows with 1.2 meters apart for plantation.
Preparation of Land

3. Plant the seeds flat within the furrows (70 centimeters apart) and cover with soil (two inches thick).
Preparation of Land
4. Irrigate on regular interval.

Preparation of Land


1. 5 to 10 tons of organic fertilizer is recommended per hectare or apply four bags of 14-14-14 fertilizer.
2. 20 days after plating, spray power grower combo for better plant root and control the weeds.
3. growth Plow the land deep enough for the plant roots to penetration deep into the ground that make the plant drought resistant.

Organic farming is the only way to produce good yield with high protein

Harvest and Feeding

1. First harvest can be made after 80 to 90 days of planting as the Super Napier grows faster and ready for harvest within this short period.
2. Subsequent harvest is possible within 45 to 60 days depending upon the soil richness, irrigation and applied fertilizer.
3. 45 days old chopped or shredded plant is suitable for pig, horse, chicken, rabbits and ducks
4. 45-55 days old well grown plant is good for cows, beef cattle and goats
5. Shredded Super Napier can be mixed with other substrate in vermiculture to have high nitrogen content.